Rona Borre Gives It All She Has

Rona Borre is the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance and has taken that startup staffing company to the greatest of heights. She is well known now, not only in Chicago but on a worldwide basis as well.

Borre had just left a well-paying job where as an account executive she shattered all of the existing sales records that the company ever had. She knew her own capabilities, and now she was going to transition those abilities to her own efforts, and her ultimate success would be defined by what happens next.

In the staffing industry, you are judged by the quality of hires that you can produce, and if you can create standards that duplicate successions of those types of people you are a winner. That is exactly what Rona Borre and her associates do.  Watch and listen to her talk on

Rona’s secret is to create a strong relationship between the staffing company and the folks that want a new employee. It is the mission of Rona Borre then, to find out just about everything about the hiring company so the perfect candidate can be located and hired.  For Tips from Borre, click on

Most staffing companies will attempt to find multiple candidates to parade in front of a client’s HR department, but that is usually a waste of time. It is much better to be able to surgically find the best candidate and hire him or her, saving the client’s valuable time.

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